01 Mar Getting Ready for the Springtime Lawn Revival!

Spring is almost here and it’s never to early to get started on your lawn care! Getting your lawn back into tip top shape will take some planning but check out these steps to get yourself ready.

  • Sharpen mower blades to ensure clean cuts. A dull blade tears the grass, leaving jagged edges that discolor the lawn and invite pathogens. Sharpen mower blades once each month during grass-cutting season. Have a backup blade so that a sharp one is always on hand.
  • Tune up your mower with a new spark-plug and air filter. Your mower might not need a new spark-plug every season, but changing it is a simple job, and doing it every year ensures you won’t forget the last time you replaced your spark-plug.
  • Buy fresh gas. Gas that’s been left to sit over the winter can accumulate moisture that harms small engines. This is especially true for fuel containing ethanol, so use regular grades of gasoline. If you need to dump old gasoline, ask your city or county for local disposal sites that take old fuel.
  • Clean up your lawn. Time to get out the leaf rakes and remove any twigs and leaves that have accumulated over the winter. A thick layer of wet leaves can smother a lawn if not immediately removed in early spring. Cleaning up old debris clears the way for applying fertilizer and herbicides.
Austin Ellis